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About Case Advocates, LLP

Company History

Founded in 2013, CASE ADVOCATES, LLP has set itself apart and maintains a vision of quality service provision. We are a tested brand and our practice shows the public who we are! We strongly believe that successful legal practice entails getting the best results for our clients as well as creating good client-care environment. We continue to grow in our practice by reminding our clients and potential clients of our presence in the field of our practice. Our practice manifests our real identities. Over the years, our lawyers have found the right path in our culture of professionalism. Our team work spirit guides our choice of decisions to meet the client objectives. Our clients have the right to be informed promptly of our analysis of their cases for them to be able to make informed choices of the available courses of action to be taken.


We have self-assurance and love our practice autonomy. We are proud of our self-knowledge in our practice with clear-eyed hard look at our capabilities. Our declaration of independence in 2013 marked the real focus of what we have become today.


We constantly educate our clients about the practicalities and complexities of issues relating to our areas of practice and we provide training to corporate and institutional clients at subsidized fee. On-site educational and training sessions for human resources personnel and managers are also tailored to specific needs of the clients. We provide valuable fact sheets insights on fundamental developments in the law to inform our clients at no cost. CASE ADVOCATES, LLP exercises a team approach to client representation and service.


 We have put in place a Policy Manual in conducting our practice to ensure that all lawyers and support staff understand our policies, values and principles that guide our practice at CASE ADVOCATES.


Our Practice Policy provides legal and ethical obligations and responsibilities in key departments of our practice. The policy provides guidance on client care, ethical conduct, conflicts of interest checks, complaint mechanism and withdrawal from representation among others.

Recent News

Case Advocates, LLp

Practice Areas of Expertise

Case Advocates, LLP
  • Arbitration
  • Class Actions
  • Complex Contracting
  • Constitutional Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Legislative Drafting

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